Sunday, July 15, 2018

Football’s Coming Home?

..and Tennis too… well almost… to OUR home anyway…

We, as a nation, didn’t make it to the finals, but that didn’t stop us having the neighbours round for a very late Lunch - to enjoy the World Cup Final and/or the Tennis Men’s Singles Final.

With a record crowds expected at both sporting events, ours was slightly less - 16!!! Some superb planning was required that exhausted most of our cutlery, chairs, oven space and fridge capacity!

Our planning began early - yesterday, in fact, and today’s weather didn’t disappoint! (this warm weather becoming almost regular and predictable).

All our garden furniture in use, including a second table off to the right (just out of shot)

Sun Lounger reserved for Rosi

Bar almost ready…

Table almost ready…

…and a condiment station too!

Wow! Thanks Rosi!

Most of us watched a little of the Tennis before switching over just before 4pm for the Soccer. I think at this stage, most of us weren’t particularly interested in the nations playing (as England were knocked out at the semis), but it was a good sociable atmosphere - and the imaginative range of food on offer (a massive collaboration between us all) made it a feast to remember. Ann had created enough Moussaka for the whole street as well as some delicious hot chicken-wings. Rosi’s very attractive and delicious fruit-salad was certainly the most visual of treats whilst Stella made a Malteser Cheesecake.

With Karen and Trish on Cheese Duty, whilst Jo and Janet took care of pre-meal nibbles, we were all set.

By 8.45pm, it was all over, and with the dishwasher on overtime - and overnight - we slowly returned the house to its normal state. I think every piece of cutlery was used, as well as most of the glasses. Strangely, hardly any beer was drunk and we had a lot of nibbles left over!

What a mega-event!