Sunday, September 10, 2017

Harey Sunday

This was nice. Lydia and Derek treated us to lunch together with David and Valerie for all the help I’d given them sorting out their broadband connectivity issues a few months back.

Eatery of choice was the popular The Hare in Loddington.
The Hare at Loddington

Unusually, the Pub car-park wasn’t rammed and we were therefore easily to able to pick our parking place. In fact, inside the Pub was pretty quiet too – for a Sunday – and we were soon seated and checking out the Menu for the Mains…

I avoided the ‘standard’ for Sundays – the Roast, instead opting for the Teryaki Fillet Steak with Noodles.

For Dessert, the choice was easy for me – Toffee Crunch with a Dime Bar.

Super yummy!