Saturday, August 12, 2017

La Picnic

It was our annual trip to Lunaflix’s outdoor cinema presentation tonight – the Film? 2016’s La La Land; the venue? Boughton House. We’d been here last year to see Pretty Women and I immediately noticed this time, it was much better supported (with apparently, over 400 tickets sold – last year it was more like 200!).

August in Northamptonshire means keeping an eye on the weather forecast – constantly! – and although it was a dry evening, it got cool really quickly as the evening wore-on. Good job then we’d packed the right clothing! (in short: one of everything and a pair of gloves too!)

We made more of an event of this year as we were joined by our good friends, Paul & Sue and Geoff and Rhonda. With each of us taking a specific chunk of the picnic to prepare, we ended up with a table that was truly Olympic standard! – all that was missing was the candelabra! (Although we did see a group with solar lights surrounding their space!)

La La Land

Just after 9pm, as the sun went down and we packed away our picnic, Simon, the organiser treated us to some bonus footage – the ‘Singing in the Rain’ scene from err, the 1952 film: Singing in the Rain (luckily, that was the only rainfall we saw tonight! – and a complete contrast to our recent firework event a few weeks back)

And then, it was the main event. Like last year, the picture and sound quality was just amazing (techy note: Blu-ray disc and a high-end front-projector)

And 128 minutes later, it was all over. Was it any good? Well, I think our Jury’s ‘still out’! Personally, I loved it! You can’t beat a good ‘Boy-meets-girl… Girl loses boy… Boy-gets-piano’ type story – everyone else in our group though had different views - a bit like Marmite then, this one - and fair to say it didn’t enjoy universal appeal!

  to  then!

If you’ve been living under a stone since its release, and you’re curious, I’d say give it a go. And if you do make it to the final act, don’t think of leaving before the credits roll, believing you’ve ‘got it’ – there’s a ton of ‘stuff’ going on in the final 10 minutes! One more thing to add: I think the outdoor cinema experience with everyone enjoying the (relatively) good weather, their food and their drink and of course each other, probably made the overall experience better!

All-in-all then, another great night out, with friends, with a picnic and a film – is there anything better?
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