Friday, March 20, 2015

Bye-bye Buckden

Buckden Marina
Buckden Marina

David and I went over to Buckden Marina today. It was probably my last visit to David’s boat, as he has decided to sell Osprey One, and treat himself to a new car. It was initially quite a cold day (the eclipse didn’t help!), but it soon warmed up and we gave the ‘old girl’ a good clean inside, in preparation for the sale. We didn’t get around to doing the outside, but David’s going to finish that off over the weekend.

It seems like only yesterday, that Ann, Lee and I first jumped aboard, for our first trip down to the next Lock and back - in fact, it was almost five years ago in June 2010.

Bye-bye Osprey One
Our first trip in June 2010

So farewell Osprey One! It’s been great fun pretending to be sailors!!!