Sunday, January 18, 2015

Film: Paddington

A gentle surprise in my inbox today, in the shape of an Odeon deal promising 2 Adult tickets for a tenner - result! But what to see, with so much showing at the moment. Jo and Janet invited us to The Theory of Everything (the life of Stephen Hawking), but we fancied something a bit lighter. In the end then, we settled for Paddington - I think we might be the last adults on Earth to see it as it came out around Christmas time!

We picked up Lee and headed of to town for the 13.10 performance. Screen 8 was about 50% full with mainly kids, but with the occasional adult!

So, what did we think?

Well, it was delightful! In an age of ‘blockbuster’ movies, it was good to see a film with a straightforward storyline, no bad language and most of all, seamless integration between the CGI and the real people - I guarantee, you’ll believe a bear can eat marmalade after seeing this. What clever special effects - every hair on the bear could be seen, and the body-motion, lip sync and interaction was nothing short of brilliant!!!

…and as a bonus, look out for Michael Bond, the author, in a cameo role.

Loved it! - and good to hear the kids laughing out loud during the screening - me too!!!