Friday, January 16, 2015

Bye-Bye Bush!

We’ve never been very lucky with Washing Machines! We seem to go through them like others go through, err washing powder!

Bye-Bye Bush!
Well, at least the washing now smells ‘outdoor fresh’!

Today, we pensioned-off the Bush - donated to us by Lee back in May 2011, when she moved house. The Bush was a washer-dryer combo, but none of us could ever get it to dry properly - it would spend ages in ‘dry’ mode, and when the cycle finished, the clothes were wetter than when we started!

In the years that have followed, washing-machines have come a long way (mostly from China or Korea!) - faster spin speeds, larger loads, the ability to use less water - and the holy grail of washing-machine design: vibration-free spinning. Having done our homework and seen Bev’s new one too, we settled on Samsung as the brand of choice.

Samsung WF90F7E6U6W
So step forward the Samsung UE32H5500  (oops, sorry, that’s the TV) WF90F7E6U6W - a washing machine so techy, it even gets its own app so you can diagnose mechanical problems with it!!

Yes, really!
Winking smileThere's an app for that...

..and it has lots of other whistles and bells - and if you don’t like whistles and bells, it even play a tune when it starts up and ends a program (I know that’ll drive me crazy after the first couple of times!)
Steaming mad

Something unique to Samsung is their ecobubble™ technology. In English, this means that it mixes the cold water with air before the cycle begins and this apparently penetrates clothes more easily and allows the same sort of cleaning quality in COLD water, as in warm. Clever stuff, and I’m sure I can also get Sky Movies on it too!
Open-mouthed smile

ecobubble technology
Samsung’s ‘eco-bubble’ technology

Vibration-free spinning
Must get to SpecSavers!

Thanks to John Lewis, we didn’t have to worry about unboxing it, or installing it, as for a small fee, they did it all for us - and they took away the Bush to that ‘Launderette-in-the-sky’ too!!

Quick Start Manual HERE

Instruction Book HERE