Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Doctor Who - Series 8, Episode 7: Kill the Moon

two star

Grand in concept, and publicised and a pivotal episode for the Doctor and Clara, this episode promised much. Science and Fiction - what’s not to like!?

Actually, all it gave me was a headache, trying to figure out wtf was going on (I must pay more attention in future!). Some of the special effects were a bit rubbish, and although I always enjoy the Doctor’s ‘speeches’, the increasing prominence of the ‘soap-like’ scenes are beginning to irritate me. I did enjoy Clara giving the Doctor a hard time in the closing scenes though! Oo errr, has Clara left the Doctor for good? (cue the sound of EastEnders Drums!)

C’mon Doctor, where’ are those attack eyebrows and the ‘darker’ character we were promised? I didn’t see that much of it here.

One final comment, the ‘net seems to be awash with criticisms of the episode getting its ‘science bits’ badly wrong - a typical example HERE.