Sunday, August 24, 2014

Family Weekend - August Bank Holiday 2014

Roger, Jane and Oliver joined us for the Bank Holiday weekend followed by Nicki C. I’d also picked up Lee earlier in the day, and David and Valerie joined us for the evening meal - so it was a proper ‘full-house’.

It was also the first week where we ‘test drove’ the new (almost finished) kitchen and partially decorated Dining Room - and it all worked out really well.

The Kitchen (almost finished)

The Dining Room colour scheme

In between the showers on Saturday, I took everyone out in turn for a quick burst in the XKR - Including Lee, who, like everyone, thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Ann did us all proud with her cooking, and we stuffed ourselves (and then some more!).

On Sunday, after a lazy breakfast, Oliver helped wash the car and then we all sat down to watch the first episode from the new Doctor Who series from Saturday night (separate blog to follow) - then it was MORE food!

After a mammoth washing-up session, we all chilled out for a bit, before Roger, Jane and Oliver headed back to theirs - and I took Lee home. All-in-all, it was a fantastic weekend!