Saturday, July 19, 2014

Boats, Blow-outs and Biryanis

It was off to Buckden Marina today with David and Val for a day-out on the boat - Osprey One! The weather looked a bit rubbish, but as the day wore on, it got warmer and warmer!

Osprey One
All Aboard Osprey One

We took the hour-and-a-half punt up to Godmanchester and had lunch on-board before taking a short stroll around the town.

Godmanchester in July 2014
Gorgeous Godmanchester

Then it was back to Buckden Marina  before heading home. It was a great day, as always, with David and Val, but it was about to become slightly less enjoyable!

By now, it was really muggy and not the sort of day, for example, for having a problem with the car! No such luck, as halfway along the A14, we heard a tremendous bang, followed by that familiar sound of floppy-rubber-against-tarmac. Is there such a thing as an unlucky wheel? - this is the THIRD puncture we’ve had since Ann bought the Mercedes - on the same wheel!

Closer inspection by the RAC guy revealed a slash on the inside of the tyre that was so large, the tyre was an instant write-off! He put on the space-saver only to find that its tyre valve was missing, so even if WE had tried to change the tyre we would have failed! Thanks to the prompt service of the RAC, we hobbled towards home, hoping to find Kwik-Fit open, but they closed at 5.

We got home, and there was just time to open the post, water the garden and feed the cats before we were off out again round to Jo and Janet’s for our Curry-night at The Exotic Dining restaurant in town. It was the busiest we’ve seen it - just like a curry-house should be on a Saturday night! We haven’t been for a while, but the food and service was as good as it always has been - and the menu is still very varied and a bit unusual - Bison, Camel or Kangaroo anyone (seriously!). It was great to catch-up with J and J. It felt like we hadn’t seen them for ages, and it didn’t take us long between the beers and the biryanis to put the world right!!!

After we got home, we lit all the candles in the garden and sat out to just after 11pm watching a film. I know the heat has been suffocating today, but after dark, it started to cool down nicely. This sure is a great time of year, to enjoy the English weather!!!

First job tomorrow - get the Mercedes sorted!!