Friday, May 09, 2014

Waiter, there’s a Soup in my Hare!

Ahh, a Guinness!

We met up with David and Valerie and headed for The Hare in Loddington tonight. In spite of our early booking for 7pm, the car-park was already almost full when we arrived (perhaps a good sign?). Inside the Pub, the numbers confirmed the car-park situation - the place was already buzzing!

It’s only our second visit (Paul and Sue introduced us to this little gem a few months back), but D and V had been a few times before - and we wondered if it would be as good as our first visit? As things turned out, the service and food was just SUPERB! We all had starters and mains (well, Ann had two starters), but I was the only pig - by managing to get to the desserts! OINK! OINK!

The Hare is definitely on our list of eateries-to-return-to!