Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Track Day - Jaguar f-type

Beyond this point - no photos allowed!
and I were lucky enough to secure a couple of tickets for an invite-only track day for the new Jaguar f-type at Millbrook.

What fantastic day! Perfectly hosted by Jaguar with an opportunity to try-out all the variants of this gorgeous car! There were 25 of us - and rather spookily 25 cars. So, it was one each, and then we swapped round to compare models.

Unfortunately, although Jaguar were quite relaxed about taking photographs, Millbrook wasn’t, so we couldn’t take any shots of our unique experience, because they insisted on covering our phone lenses with a sticker. Some stock photos here though!

Having spent almost three hours behind the wheel of the four available models, my lasting impression (apart form the gorgeous looks and hair-raising acceleration) was the car’s ability to grip the road - no matter what surface or what speed, this car literally stuck to its line as if it was super-glued!!!

The most exhilarating experience in a car EVER for me!!! - and I only managed a top-speed of 115mph, whilst Neil almost topped 160!

A great day! Thanks Jaguar!!!

Current YouTube advert for the f-type…