Saturday, May 10, 2014

Guinness and Prosecco Party

Guinness and Prosecco Party - Courtesy of of Trish and John
A great way to start the evening…

Those that know us well, know that our two fave things are being with friends and eating out -  if we can combine the two, then it’s the makings of a great night out!

So, tonight was a simply the perfect evening, just waiting to happen. Trish and John had prepared a Guinness and Prosecco Party - and it really hit the spot!!! All the usual suspects were there (minus just 2 - Karen was away sailing and Paul had an early call the following morning, so they missed-out) - Tom, Julie, Rosi, David plus Rosi’s friend Penny.

John was good enough to pick me up around 7, together with Tom and Julie, whilst Ann made her way back form a strenuous day at Ragdale Hall!

The gossip was great - and so as the food: Onion Soup, Irish Stew, Fruit Pie, Bread & Butter Pudding and finally a Cheeseboard with enough cheese to feed the whole of Northamptonshire!!

...and finally, the Cheeseboard

Ann’s busy week caught up with her towards the end, so we left about 11.30 - my guess is that the party carried-on for a few hours more!

Thanks for a GREAT evening Trish (and John for his onion-peeling skills), you were the perfect hosts!

The perfectly poured Guinness?
The Perfectly Poured Guinness?