Friday, May 23, 2014

Bank Holiday Break - Ipswich (Arrival)

We’re staying at Kesgrave Hall Hotel for the Bank Holiday. It’s close to Ipswich in err, Kesgrave, and is a rather unique venue in a number of ways. First up, for a Hotel, it’s quite small - just 20-or-so bedrooms. It’s also very ‘old-school’ in terms of look and feel - big rooms, high ceilings, and  one of the warmest hotel welcomes I think we’ve ever had.

Kesgrave Hall Hotel

We arrived just before 6 after a trouble-free journey along a large part of the A14, where normally, there are plenty of opportunities for congestion. Where was everyone? 

Parking was easy and we were soon checked in. Lee has a room to herself, whilst Ann and I rattled around in one of their superior rooms that included free wi-fi, free mini-bar (hic!) and a TV straight out of Curry’s bargain basement! By far the most significant part of the room was the BED. It took up around 80% of the floor-space and was one of those super-comfy types whilst also letting you sleep sideways as  it was as wide as it was long! Nice!

I'm off to mow the lawn - I'll be about a month!!!
The View from Room 5

The view from our room was gorgeous - although I’d hate to be the one who mowed the lawn!

We decided to keep it simple tonight in terms of eating, and ate in the hotel’s restaurant. The Menu looked good and the hotel even publishes a hardback book full of the recipes. We ate early - just before 7 - and the restaurant was already very busy. Ordering our food was quite unique in that actually no-one took our order in the traditional sense! It was simpler than that, as diners were encouraged to write out the order and take it to one of the waiting staff. A bit weird, but the writing practice was worth it, as the food when it arrived, ‘punched well above its weight’. It was also very attractively presented and the portion size was massive! The restaurant continued to fill-up - and there was even a queue of people waiting for a table. They can’t all have been guests as there were just too many of them, so obviously this is well known - and loved - local eatery!

Chicken and Potato Madras

The food was really scrummy - my curry was full of flavour and had that home-made feel about it. The dessert was so delicious (Banana Cheesecake with Bailey’s ice-cream), I forgot to snap a pic!

Suitably stuffed, we retired to the Lounge for tea and coffee (that was busy too!), and caught up with our reading, before checking the weather forecast for tomorrow. ‘Yuk’ describes it perfectly!!