Sunday, January 19, 2014

Catching up

Burghley House
This was a weekend of catching-up with old(er) friends. Steve and Helen Humphrey joined us (all the way from France) and their holiday-let business on Friday evening and Chris and Gill A joined the four of us on Saturday evening - and together we tackled one of Ann’s super-scrummy three-coursers! (bang goes the diet -and it’s only January!!!)

We thought we hadn’t seen Steve and Helen for about five years - on closer calculation, it turned out to be almost 10! Anyway, that didn’t matter at all as we were soon catching-up with each others’ news and trying to work out how and why time had passed so quickly.

Saturday morning began with the short drive to Burghley House - only to find it closed when we got there! So, it was ‘plan B’ and a wander around Stamford trying hard not to spend any money (we failed!)

Then it was back home to start work on the feast - we all mucked-in and when Chris and Gill arrived around 7pm, we were fully prepared for the treat that lay ahead. Everyone did the food justice and the dishwasher (no, not me - the electric one!) worked hard to keep on top of the debris.

Iron Man (that IS me!) stepped in early on Sunday morning to clear the pile of tea-towels, bedding and napkins - and when Steve and Helen left us around 6.30, I was finally winning!

With the house back to ourselves, it was time to catch-up with other bits and pieces - replace the headlamp bulb on Ann’s car and catch-up with all the stuff on the Sky-box.

Sunday evening included a trip to the Odeon to see the film that everyone is saying is tipped for Oscar success - Twelve Years a Slave (sounds like my time at Sainsbury’s except mine was 17, the film was set in America not England - and I actually quite enjoyed my slavery period!) - I’ll comment on the film in my next blog.