Sunday, December 15, 2013

Family Boot Sale and Pressy Swap

Useful if you need to stop a train... and you're on the railway line at the time!
Tempted? Me neither!

We drove up to Denis’ today for lunch and the mega-pre-Christmas-present-swap. Those present: Bev, Roger, Oliver, and Ann. Jane was working and Lee didn’t feel too well (so she stayed at ours). We had a great journey there - where was everyone? - the A1 was deserted! We stopped-off at Mae’s grave in Heckington and laid some flowers prior to arriving at Denis’.
Crying face

On arrival, and after a quick drink, we all got involved in a slightly surreal scenario - especially for me, who hates boot-sales with a passion! The scenario?, Denis gave us the opportunity to look through his stock of miscellaneous ‘stuff’ that he’d accumulated over the years - it was like a boot-sale, but in the dry, and spread across two spare rooms! There was plenty to choose from (unfortunately!): old maps, Lilliput lane pottery, shoes, bread bins, flying ducks and plenty of clothing - and a ray of sunshine, some big tins of sweets. Also, with Denis’ passion for the railways, a set of four full-size paraffin British Rail signal lamps. Denis offered them to me, but I tactfully declined! (Risky ehh? I just know that I’m going to need to stop a train in the dark sometime soon!!!!)
Winking smile

With the boot-sale over, we caught up with all the family gossip, whilst Bev and Ann worked their collective socks off in the kitchen. It was all worth it though - Bev served us roast lamb with all the trimmings followed by Ann’s waistline UNfriendly rice pudding (made with evaporated-milk). Yummy!!!!

Suitably stuffed, we did the mega-pressy-swap, finished off with a cuppa, then said our good-byes and headed off home. Lucky for us, the A1 was also deserted going south, so we were home just before 4 - just in time for Ann to make a cake for the office and get packed, ready for her final week at work before Christmas.