Friday, November 15, 2013

TV: The Revolution will be Televised

This programme is worth a look - ‘The Revolution will be Televised’ - showing on BBC3 on Thursday nights. Not one to watch with Granny, as the language can be a bit ‘fruity’, but the sheer balls of these two guys in doing what they do, makes it worth watching, even if some of it makes you cringe with embarrassment.

This clip was filmed at an EDL Rally.

Look out for more of their pranks including the one where they get inside Google’s HQ in Ireland and convince the staff that they are rebranding to “o’Google”. Also the ‘BBC in Need’ Appeal, where they start a collection - outside the BBC - to subsidise overpaid BBC senior managers. Both are hilarious, and demonstrates how easily some people can be fooled into doing stuff that’s just plain daft!!!

More clips HERE

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