Friday, August 30, 2013

Heard the one about an Italian and the Mexican?

20130830_125720_George St

David and I slipped into ‘pensioner-mode’ and then into Kettering Prezzo’s for a voucher-sponsored lunch. After a quick look through the menu, we both opted for the Calzone - the ‘lovechild’ of a pizza and a Cornish Pasty! Despite its doubtful heritage, we both opted for the Carne Picante variant, consisting of chicken, meatballs, chillies and cheese with a rich Bolognese sauce - and it was very very, (very) tasty! The service was excellent too - a perfect combo!


On the way out, we noticed some building work going on next door in the empty retail space. After a bit of investigation, we discovered that it’ll be another restaurant - Chimichanga's, the Mexican chain - and that’s a welcome addition to this reinvigorated but-under-developed part of town.