Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nails, Nibbles and Nice Friends

Not long to go...   



The Mayor arrives.... 


Any colour you like...

Custom built seating...

The official opening...

We’re now both getting over our respective colds, so it was good to be able to get out for some fresh air and catch-up with friends.

First stop was into town and the newly renovated and pedestrianised Market Street. Boy, it’s changed round here since I last looked – in about 2002!!!!! All very impressive. Why Market Street? well, Rosi and Avril have started a business – Upmarket Nails.

When we arrived, they were busy titivating and entertaining the small (but growing) crowd of friends and relations awaiting the official opening. All the gang were there – Tom, Julie, Paul, Karen, John, Trish and Stella and many others. Rosi and Avril had also thoughtfully arranged nibbles courtesy of the very short walk to the Cafe opposite, which we took advantage of after a quick tour round their new establishment. 

The Mayor arrived and after a suitable witty speech declared Upmarket Nails officially open.

We then headed back to the Cafe and sampled some more of the nibbles. It’s a small world and we ran into Bob, who had done a lot of carpentry for us when we first moved in – he’d been heavily involved in building the seating and other storage areas for their new business and it was good to catch-up, as we haven’t seen him for quite a few years.

Waiting for Jane and Mick 

Then it was off to The Oundle Mill, to meet up with Jane and Mick.

My Starter - fish cakes






We’d last been there in January and were really impressed with everything on offer. Luckily, nothing had changed and food and service were absolutely superb! It’s quite expensive to eat there (but well worth it!). Definitely a place to visit if you fancy something a little more upmarket and special!

We got home around 10 – stuffed!!!