Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday is for… socialising

The Olive Branch - superb!










A busy, but very enjoyable day socialising today!

We picked up Nick and Celina at around 11.30 and headed off to The Olive Branch in Clipsham for lunch. it was our first visit there, although Nick and Celina had been before. Wow! what a treat!!!! The menu was varied (including fish finger sandwiches!) whilst the professional waiters (who didn’t put a foot wrong) and the food quality and presentation were probably the best we’ve experienced in a long, long while! Excellent stuff!

We went back to Nick and Celina’s afterwards and over coffee, took a look at their photographs of their Dubai and their recent canal holiday - then it was back to ours before getting ready for John and Trish’s party in the evening.

Thanks both – it’s been great to see you and hopefully, we can catch-up again before Christmas.

7.15pm: Party time! Armed with Ann’s cheeseboard creation, we picked up Tom and Julie on the way there. David and Rosi were there when we arrived, so we all got into party-mode pretty quickly. The food was terrific – Julie had organised Starters, Trish the Mains, finishing off with Ann’s cheeseboard – oh, and everyone brought quite a lot of alcohol!




It was a riotous time and we haven’t laughed so much in ages. We were all in top form and no doubt Facebook will reflect that later today!! :)

Ann's Cheeseboard










We talked and talked – from ‘bedroom intruders with cameras(!)’, ‘School Exam Timetables’, ‘Rosi’s legendary photography skills’ and the ‘true meaning of friendship’ – we covered it all!
I’m not sure which is more scary – Ann or my shirt!!





I’m not sure which is more scary –
Ann or my shirt!!

Midnight: I was flagging fast, and Tom was right in predicting that I’d be first to give-in to the temptation of a snuggly duvet. In fact, as often happens, it became the cue for the rest of the gang to call it a night. We said our goodbyes and headed home.

1.15am: I’d forgotten that this time existed – we are well and truly trashed!

Thanks for hosting it all Trish, thanks everyone for your good humour and good food!

Phew! What a night!!!