Friday, September 07, 2012

Cambridge - Lunch with Sally B

I drove over to Cambridge’s Grand Arcade to meet up with Sally B. We had a number of things to sort out as part of our regular networking/self-improvement get-together.

After a quick coffee in Starbuck’s, we dropped into the Apple Store to get Sally’s iPhone configured for sending emails when she’s away from the office. Next, it was lunch at Prezzo’s in Bridge Street where we managed to get a table outside looking onto the River. We swapped notes about hyphens (did you know there are three types?), using apostrophes and deciding what the next ‘top tip’ will be on the Juno website.
The view onto the River (not the best of shots!)
It was the warmest of days - very surprising for September - and NOT surprisingly, Cambridge was packed!

It was a frustrating journey home, as the A14 was stop/start as soon as I joined it - and all the way to junction 10!