Saturday, July 28, 2012

What a Tart!

Bakewell Tart with a twist!
Denis and Bev came for lunch today. Ann had prepared a full lamb roast and Bev did us proud by baking a variation on a Bakewell Tart with lemon curd instead of jam - the yummiest dessert I’ve had a in a long while. Cheers Bev!!

After stuffing ourselves, Lee and I rescued the kitchen, whilst Ann and Denis caught up with each other’s news and Ann showed off our wedding photographs - hard to believe that it’s taken us almost seven months to do this!. 

Meanwhile, Bev and I then tried to convert the video she shot of Denis in a Lancaster (his birthday treat, earlier in the week) to DVD format. We failed miserably - and I’m not sure why! In theory we had all the kit to do the job with ease, but I have a feeling it might be that the recordable DVDs were ‘+r’ format, and I think it’s only the ‘-r’ type that play in domestic DVD players.

We finished the afternoon chatting about our forthcoming train-holiday to Germany - and somehow ended up discussing hats and underpants! Weird!!

Time soon whizzed-by, and before we knew it, it was 5pm, and time to say our good-byes. It’s been a great family day, and we’re all looking forward to the holiday.