Sunday, April 08, 2012

Lincoln for Lunch/The Ritual of ‘The Garage’

We drove up to Denis’ today for lunch. Bev was sorting out the main course whilst Ann took the raw ingredients for dessert. Neither disappointed and a few hours later we felt a lot heavier and very sleepy! A great meal girls – cheers!!

As is traditional this time of year, we take on The Ritual of the Garage. This involves clearing out all the bits and pieces that have found their way their over the year – and relocating them back to their proper home - or to the local dump! We’re always surprised as to how much c*** accumulates over the period of 12 months – and this year was no exception! An hour later, it was ‘mission accomplished’ for another year, but even after completing the task, we still couldn’t get both cars where they belong, but one out of two ain’t bad I suppose! – Maybe NEXT year!