Saturday, April 07, 2012

The End of Lent (Phew!)

For me, Lent has now ended. Those close to me will know I’ve been steering clear of my 19 fave foodstuffs, since the beginning of Lent - 22nd February. How did I do? Well, for whatever reason, it’s been harder this year to remain on-track, and I did briefly succumb a couple of times – ‘Curry’ is on the list, and I just LOVE curry!

So, as from today, the 7th, it’s back to zero-restriction, and in celebration, I have a rather large bar of chocolate (another from the ‘19’) in the fridge, with my name on it !!!

Looking ahead, each year, I grow the list by a few items - to test my resilience even further - so in 2013, it’ll be a total of 23 faves, and that’s going to take some extra mental toughness to get through.