Sunday, March 04, 2012

Family Lunch – The George, Buckden

What a change in the weather! After worrying about the lawn drying-out over the past month or so, today began and ended with: rain, rain and more rain!
For lunch, we headed over to The George at Buckden. We’d been there a few times before, so we were confident the food was going to be good. Mum obviously couldn’t join us as she was being looked after at Kings College Hospital, so that left the rest of the family – the three generations – Denis, Bev, Roger, Jane, Oliver, Ann and Lee to get together, in part, to celebrate Roger’s recent birthday, but also to catch-up with each others’ news.
The Family - March 2012
The food, on the whole, turned out to be very good, but the service was a bit ‘up-and-down’. Although the waitresses did a good job, there seemed to be some very long pauses between some of the courses! Still, it didn’t spoil our enjoyment – it was good to get everyone together.