Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cider with Rosi

No, much better than just cider!

David and Rosi invited us round for a late lunch, and we took Paul and Karen with us. Stuffed peppers, slooooow cooked lamb, fennel and potatoes followed by baked peaches with almond flavoured crème fraiche. Yummy yummy!

In between enjoying the more-than-excellent food, we pronounced judgement on the recent riots, discussed holidays, the Jewish religion and beavers! Phew! what a diverse bunch we are!!!! :)

Next time we looked at our watch it was 9pm – well past our bed-time. We left early, whilst Paul and Karen stayed on and made their own way home.

We had a great time Rosi and David – thanks! – we’ve missed doing more of this, this year!