Saturday, July 30, 2011

First month - living with an Android


Well, it’s been around a month since I moved from my HTC HD2 (on WinMo) to an HTC Sensation (on Android). If you’re reading this, and trying to decide whether to switch OSs as I did, I’d say ‘go for it’, without hesitation.

Although the learning curve was steep, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought, and I’d now say that I’m pretty familiar with my new toy! I miss not being able to get to the system files for a bit tweaking and control, but I could  root the phone, if it was that important to me. It’s not, so I haven’t!

What’s to like about the Android OS? How long have you got!!! Smile First and foremost, everything just seems to operate a lot more smoothly. Next, I really like the range of apps for it. So, far, I’ve been able to to find all the equivalent WinMo apps that lived on my HD2, on Android Marketplace without any trouble at all – and they all seem to be at least as good, if not better in terms of their functionality. I love the ability to be able to customise the seven screens (why seven???) with apps AND widgets too. By far the best part of my ownership experience, is being able to sync my Calendar and Contacts wirelessly (it’s built into the phone) and with a bit of help from ToodleDo (and the necessary app), sync my Tasks as well! I don’t miss the antiquated Windows ActivSync software one bit!

On the functionality side, my biggest worry was getting hold of a suitable diary to replace my trusty Agenda One – after a bit of searching and then testing, I settled for the rather excellent Pocket Informant. It’s not quite as feature-rich as its WinMo equivalent, but they are working on an upgraded version, due soonish.

Any regrets? Not really! Well, maybe just one or two – I wish the battery would last a bit longer. The HD2 lasted around a day before I needed to charge it. The Sensation lasts a little longer, but not by much. Secondly, I never did get the native HTC syncing program (for Windows) to talk to any XP PCs here – it worked fine on Vista and Win7, but XP (Where Outlook resides) just refused to play. The reality however, is that I don’t need to use this functionality as I’ve moved to Google Calendar and Contacts (as mentioned) and ToodleDo for diary management. Similarly, I don’t need to sync my photos either, having managed that through other apps