Saturday, July 09, 2011

DVD: Age of Heroes

two star


DVD - Age of Heroes








I picked this up because it was cheap and with Sean Bean and Danny Dyer, I thought it was bound to be 1. Gritty, 2. Foul mouthed, 3. Full of action.

Hhhhmm… a bit of a disappointment actually!

Set in WWII it tells the story of an elite bunch of soldiers who go on a secret mission to Sweden. Unfortunately, it was all a bit hum-drum and predictable. Danny Dyer played errr, Danny Dyer in an army uniform, whilst Sean Bean played slightly-against-type upper class officer – and I’m sorry to report ladies, that he’s looking a bit haggered these days and definitely the worse for wear.

So, all-in-all, an just-OK film for a Saturday night (when there’s nothing much else on TV) – but if I’d gone to the the cinema to see it, I would have been VERY disappointed.