Saturday, June 04, 2011

Doctor Who: Series 6, Episode 7: ‘A Good Man Goes to War’

As all good Whovians know, the series now takes a break mid-season (very American!) – and what a cliff-hanger. For me, it was about the best episode (since the last time I said ‘it was the best episode’!)

five star

SM is certainly a more complex writer than RTD, and his stuff really does keep you on the edge of your seat.

And, if finally, the Doctor finding out who River Song wasn’t enough to get fans talking, what about the (very short) clip of the skeleton holding the Sonic screw-driver right at the end, previewing a future episode?

The official Doctor Who Fans’ site was showing 900+ people discussing the story minutes after the episode finished – it was a record for them as the story obviously got fans thinking.

The other thing that obviously got fans hot under the collar is the title of the next episode: ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’. Universally, I’ve read they hate it (including me), but knowing SM, all is not what it seems, and before fans assume that the Sun newspaper has taken over the responsibility for the episode titles, we should wait-and-see!

A truly epic episode - Phew!