Monday, May 30, 2011

Family Holiday – Day 4

Hurrah, we woke up to DRY weather! That’s a first this week!!!

I popped to the loo and upon my return, Oliver had taken my place in my bed – there goes my lay-in! I had a shower and headed downstairs where Lee and Denis were chatting. Not long after everyone else was up and we tucked into a light breakfast of toast and cereals, tea and coffee.

Bev arrived around 10 having had no problems at all in finding the place - well done Bev!

Then we all retired to the Lounge (as one does) and slipped into an impromptu game of  I Spy lead by Oliver. After a dismal adult performance, Roger, Jane and Oliver went off in search of salt and pepper whilst I helped Bev give her new car a wash and polish – nice car!

Ann and Lee spent most of their time in the kitchen preparing for the BIG lunch – luckily a bit of veg-prep last night eased the burden, but regularly cooking a full Sunday roast for 10 is not to be recommended! It was certainly worth waiting for – every conceivable vegetable spread across the 20 foot table, lashings of beer and wine and a hungry horde to do it justice. If the left-overs were anything to go by, it all went down very well (apart from the green beans, which seemed to be universally unpopular and should last us until Christmas!)

Dessert followed – a good traditional rice-pudding and Eton Mess. Most of us had both, and Oliver, under the disapproving eye of Mum and Dad, went for seconds and thirds!!

Denis and Bev said their good-byes just after 3 and by then, we all felt we needed some fresh air.  Ann suggested we might try the inaugural flight of the stunt kite we’ve had in the boot of the car for ages. What a mistake! An instruction manual in broken English translated from Chinese didn’t help, nor did the CD that accompanied it formatted as a ‘VCD Disk’ which meant it didn’t play on anything device we had. After Ann, Jane and I tried various methods of getting it in the air, we concluded it was impossible and filed it with the chicken carcass. We don’t seem to be very lucky with kites! This is my second one – the first went the same way as the second!!!

OUCH! There I was reading a book, when all of a sudden, I felt a strange sensation in my mouth – looks like the crown on my front-tooth has cracked. Well, I’ve had it since I was 18, so I guess it’s time for a replacement, and I’ll have to get an emergency appointment at the Dentist when we get back.

After the great lunch-time feast, we ate light this evening – cheese and biscuits and a few sandwiches, with some leftover desserts and caught up with a bit of TV.