Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another manic Saturday

Here we go then... deep breath...

  • 7. 45am - Lee to the local Parcels office to pick up mystery parcel. CHECK
  • 10.00am - Front path and side path pressure washed. CHECK
  • 11.15am - OCA Magazine final design, final proof read and signed-off for printing. CHECK
  • 12.00 noon - Truckloads of little jobs to sort relating to work. CHECK
  • Ann and Lee sorting out the cats for their six-weekly ‘service’. CHECK
  • 5.00pm - Down to Lee’s to disconnect the fridge/washing machine/remove the curtains and track and finish off her packing. CHECK

6.40pm - Phew! What a day, but the packing now all done and Lee officially moves out Monday when the storage guys turn up! So, it’s ‘bye-bye’ 3 Avondale Mews for the last time – the bailiffs are repossessing it on Friday on behalf of Santander.

Blu-ray DVD Mulan
By way of relaxing, we decided to sit down and watch one of my recent purchases on Blu-ray DVD: ‘Narnia - Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ – only I couldn’t find it (I must have lent it to someone!). Instead, we went for ‘Mulan’, a DVD I’d bought last June, and never got around to watching. It came with great reviews, so we were eager to see what it was like. Trouble was, as I inserted it into the player, I spotted that it only had two language tracks – Mandarin, and err, Mandarin, and even with sub-titles, it demanded quite a bit of concentration. Still, a goodish film if, overall, a little long.

four star