Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Day (2011)

After dropping into Central Garage to have the locking wheel nuts changed on Ann’s Fiesta, we headed up to Denis’ for lunch. It was another fine day here and even hotter there – 27 degrees – another scorcher!

After a full-scale roast chicken lunch followed by Ann’s ‘plums cooked in red wine and served with a creamy ricotta cheese mousse’ (phew!), we were all stuffed, so we did a bit of lizarding in the back-garden, and caught up with the papers. It actually got too hot for me, so I retreated indoors.

We left around ten past four as we arrived home just before five-thirty – a good journey back and if gave me an opportunity to see how the car performed with a boot half-full and three adults inside. Not bad!, it’s certainly comfortable, and there’s plenty of oomph under the hood. Better still, the return journey gave 38.4mpg.

Once home, there was just time to de-bug the windscreen and front bumper - the car seemed to have attracted all manner of livestock – it was covered! before settling down to watch the new series of Doctor Who.


Doctor Who – Episode 1: The Impossible Astronaut


The Silence - The Latest in monsters for the Doctor
I wasn’t sure what to expect with the opening episode. The hype surrounding Doctor Who can sometimes do it an dis-service, where the episodes (for me) then fall below expectation.

Well, I needn’t have worried, as lead writer, Steven Moffat had once again penned a masterpiece! (right up there with Blink! his first) Whether you are a Who-addict, an occasional watcher, or were just tuning in for the first time to see what all the fuss was about – you wouldn’t have been disappointed. The acting was a good as ever, and Matt Smith seemed to have settled into the role. and made it his own – as I’ve blogged before, he’s got a touch of the Patrick Troughton’s about his character – mysterious and a bit manic. A nice touch also, right at the start where there was a short tribute to Elisabeth Sladen, (who played Sarah Jane Smith) who died earlier this week.

I liked the tone of the whole thing and the storyline had plenty to get you thinking – astronauts, the death of a key character, and a pregnancy – not bad for a 45 minute episode.  The newest Who monster delivered the goods and was scary, creepy and haunting in equal measure – a few nightmares for some kids tonight, I think! Well done BBC – this is what we pay the Licence fee for!!

Part 2 next Saturday!