Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Maiming of the Shrew

...or a vole...or a dormouse*.

At around 9pm, Biscuit and Bon-Bon had been in the back-garden as normal, exercising their routine Gaddafi-like control over the local residents there. Their reign-of-terror generally includes holding some of the locals hostage and controlling the size of the population through their zero-tolerance policy to foreign visitors. Previously, their most significant captives had been butterflies – but tonight was a whole new ball-game!

Around 9pm, Biscuit wandered in making that I’ve-got-something-for-you noise and then depositing her new best-enemy on the carpet – a tiny little thing, still very much alive, and obviously frightened out of its wits. I tried to catch it, but it scurried away and hid under the settee. Meanwhile, as I tried to corner it, Biscuit was going mad, trying the same – but I think with a different objective in mind. I eventually managed to coax it out, and into a Tupperware box, and after locking Biscuit in another room, I gave the little furry creature its freedom!

Phew! That’s the problem solved, I thought – err, ‘No’!

Twenty minutes later, it was now Bon-Bon’s turn to be the hunter, and she arrived in the lounge carefully carrying the same (I think) furry-friend and calmly dropped it onto the carpet. Just like last time, it was very much alive, and very much scared! The difference during its second visit to us, was that it chose to head off under the sideboard, and hopefully stay their until both cats and both humans moved house!

Bon-Bon was having none of that – she was frantically clawing away at the wood, trying to retrieve her prey, sorry, new best-friend. With Ann’s help, we managed to encourage the beast to make a new home in the same Tupperware box and now having put both cats in another room, we released our new tenant back into the garden. Immediately, both cats wanted to go back out – strange!!

Well, that was a new experience- for all parties! Now we have the worry that if we let the cats out in the future, are they going to smuggle in more furry friends without us knowing?

Ahh, the joys of cat ownership!!!

*I don’t know my rodents very well – Quite small – 2 inches long, long pointy face, large ears and feet that look like hands.