Saturday, February 05, 2011

Lashing it down in Lincoln!

We drove up to Lincoln with Lee today to meet up with Denis, Bev, Roger, Jane and Oliver.  - a sort of family get-together, mainly to give Oliver his birthday pressys and to sort out some residual finances as a result of Mae’s Will.

We left around 9am and had a fast run north, even though the weather got progressively worse. By the time we arrived, the weather had gone from very, very (very) windy to torrential rain – nice!

We did have time to visit Lincoln Cathedral – something we haven’t done for a good few years – and it was worth battling the cold and the rain to see it again – they’ve carried out major renovation there, and it looked gorgeous.

Lincoln Cathedral 4 Lincoln Cathedral 1
Lincoln Cathedral 3 Lincoln Cathedral 2

Afterwards, there was just time to take on the famous ‘Steep Hill’. Going down was easy, especially for Ann whose passion for sniffing out bargains is exercised with military precision. The mission took them to the shoe shop at the foot of the hill and it was the shop that Ann’s been to before – so the attack was silent, effective and took no prisoners! Twenty minutes later the shop was six pairs lighter in stock, and I was somewhat heavier with the spoils!

Heading back UP the hill was a nightmare, especially as it was now raining heavily and I was weighed down - like the commando on his return from the mission - with the shoe stock! Boy!, this hill is seriously steep! Still, ten-minutes later, I was warming-up the car and Ann and Lee arrived shortly after.

We headed for Bev’s flat, and Roger, Jane and Oliver arrived a few minutes later. After a brief chat, we prepared ourselves for battling the elements again and the shortish walk to restaurant.

The restaurant of choice was Pomodoro E Basilico – an Italian (no, really!) in the town, that came highly recommended by Bev, who’s eaten there before – and it didn’t disappoint. Good service, great food...and a ridiculously low bill at the end of it all. Perfect, just perfect!

A quick revisit back to Bev’s Flat and just enough time for me to intimidate play with Oliver one last time. We hit the road around 3 and it was still raining!Ann drove back and we were in doors sipping tea just after 5. The rest of evening was spent catching-up with the papers and generally chilling-out.

Good to see everyone again – Bev, the restaurant was brilliant – a great choice! Thanks for sorting it out!