Sunday, January 02, 2011

Wot, no more Christmas?

So that’s it then! Christmas is officially over and my waistline is the only evidence of our period of indulgence. After a rather large lunch, Nicki helped us remove the cards and dismantle all the decorations and the tree. The cards are now in the recycling bin and the decorations and the tree are back in their ‘other’ home - the rafters in the garage.

I feel a diet coming on and to make life easier, any food still in the house that contains a hint of ‘junk’ about it, is now considered contraband. It’s either been given away - or filed under ‘b’ for bin.  Bye-bye then: chilli-peanuts, chocolate nuts and raisins, cake, crisps, salsa dips and all that beer – I’ll miss you!!

With the ‘other event’ coming up at the end of the year, that’s another good reason to get into shape – it’s just I’m not sure what that shape will be – a dodecahedron maybe?


We chilled-out in the afternoon, watching Elizabeth – The Golden Age recorded earlier in the week on ITV1 HD.