Sunday, November 15, 2009

TV: ‘Collision’ (ITV)


ITV showed this contemporary drama over five nights last week. We were both too tired to watch it each evening, so we sky-boxed it instead. I’m glad we did, as it turned out to be very watchable indeed (I’d not expected it to be this good!)

The story was about a multiple car-crash on the A12 and perhaps because we both know the road so well and the general Essex area, it made it feel somehow, a more relevant piece.

Luckily, in spite of a five-hour story-line involving numerous characters, it didn’t stray into ‘soap’ territory. The acting throughout was very good and there were some very well-known faces – Sylvia Sim, Jan Francis, Paul McGann and of course Douglas Henshall. Viewers expecting a predictable ending, will be very disappointed but equally intrigued by the conclusion…

Collision was co-written by Anthony Horowitz and Michael A Walker and it’s out on DVD soon.