Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lee and Humberto's

We set off early – 7am – Ann drove to head over to L and B's for the weekend. Humberto is still in hospital and we plan to drive over to the 'Norwich and Norfolk' to see him. 

We had a good journey to theirs and arrived by 9.30. After a quick nibble, we set off for the hospital. The hospital is quite hospitallarge but we eventually found the ward that they had put Bertie in. What a shock when we saw him! He'd lost a lot of weight and it took ages to wake him up (we put that down to the drugs they'd put him on). He was totally un aware of who we were and curled up and went back to sleep – a really sad sight to see and very upsetting for Lee.

It took ages for the Nurse to turn up (which didn't impress us) and Ann saw her privately to ascertain the state of Bertie's health. After a long conversation, the news wasn't so good. It would appear that Bertie is on some medication to calm him down and in addition to that, it's likely that he has a form of dementia – that would explain his condition when we arrived. We won't know for sure until he's been assessed more formally, and the likelihood is that he'll have to go into special care.

We all felt really sad as we left the hospital – speaking selfishly, I don't want to ever get like that!!

On the way back we stopped off in Aylsham, - a sleepy hollow of a village - for lunch. We found an 'olde-tea-shoppe' and had a quick lunch. In truth, I think we all felt pretty sh***y even though the food was good 

After a quick look round the village square, we headed back to theirs and spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV, reading and scoffing biscuits and cake!

We were all pretty tired, so after watching Merlin and Strictly we ate early and were tucked up in bed by 9!

We were up later than normal for a weekend - 8ish - and had a light breakfast. I had brioche and preserves whilst Ann had cereal.

After packing up our things, we headed home after following Lee to the petrol station because she had been having problems fixing her petrol cap. As it turned out, it fitted back without any problems at all!

We arrived home around 12.15. Ann got stuck into work, whilst I carried on transferring the data to my new phone. Luckily, I managed to sort out the disaster where I'd accidentally deleted ALL my appointments for the next two years during the transfer of information between the old and new! Phew!!

By 5pm, we decided to take a break and watched a bit of TV. Ann then returned to the mountain of paperwork, whilst I finished off the phone. All being well, I'll have it all sorted in time for returning to work tomorrow…but I think Ann will still be buried in it!!!

It's been a strange weekend with Bertie's health playing heavily on all of our minds!