Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mum returns home/Debbie and Stefan's for nibbles!

John arrived from RLL Flightlink at about 11 to taxi Mum back home. Apparently, it was a terrible journey due to the sheer volume of traffic. Instead of it taking around 2 hours - it was closer to 3!!

We popped into town to have a look around. It was quite quiet and the shops looked as tired as the staff! - it all looked very depressing...

Just after 3, we went to Debbie and Stefan's for nibbles in the afternoon. It was good to see all-the-gang again. Stella was there and so was Trevor, Fiona and Becca.

About an hour into it, I started to feel cold and shivery (Ann thought the house was on the cool-side. Anyway, my cough just got worse and worse and so we left early - I was soooooo cold - just couldn't seem to get warm even with a hot-water bottle. This was the worst I've felt for ages, so I went to bed at 7.

As expected, I had a terrible night's sleep - too hot - too cold - too hot! ..and I've now got a really chesty cough.