Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day 2008

We both had a restless night again with most of the sleeping hours wrestling with bedclothes and windows - we were either too hot or too cold.

I eventually got us around 7.15 and after having a shower, I started to feel a bit better. I can't seem to shift this cough I've developed - sounds like I'm smoking 40-a-day!

We had a lazyish couple of hours and then headed for Mae and Denis's for lunch. We needn't have rushed. We had a good journey up there but Me's timing for getting lunch ready was, as always, hopeless! In spite of our tongues hanging-out causing a health-and-safety hazard, we still didn't eat until 2.30ish.

In the interim, we exchanged pressies.

Ok, it was worth the wait- the lamb was fantastic (Shetland sourced - where else?) and there was a choice of three desserts. You could tell I wasn't well - I only had ONE dessert - the Tesco Christmas Pudding.

We chilled out for a bit afterwards and left around 4.30. Ann drove and we were home by 5.55. Just as well, the gritters were out in force