Sunday, May 06, 2007

Long weekend in Bath - Day 2

We were up around 8 this morning.

The weather looked a bit overcast, but that won't affect our day too much as we're off to the Spa at 11 for a number of treatments followed by two hours using the other Spa facilities.

Wow! What an experience! The spa pool was great - really warm and with the aid of two flotation devices, I was like 'The Man from Atlantis' :))

Ann had the seaweed wrap and I had the Indian head massage (by Liz) and a facial (by Jeanette) - both brilliant!

The most challenging part of the day was working out how the locker system worked and where the heck I left my glasses when I changed. Fortunately, they got handed in - phew!

We took a drive to 'The Crescent' and then back to the hotel straight-after