Sunday, October 04, 2015

Doctor Who – Series 9, Episode 3

four star
We we’re away in Northumberland, so I used the cottage’s free wi-fi to download last night’s episode.

This week’s offering, entitled ‘Under the Lake’ was penned by Toby Whithouse, a veteran writer for ‘new-Who’, but probably better known for his excellent BBC 3 series Being Human. For me, I’d say this was a slow-burner, as what started out as a typical Doctor-meets-threatened-humans-and-saves-them, evolved into a much more complex storyline. As always, I won’t reveal the details here, but it’s a good episode - with lots to think about - and plenty of references to past Who storylines for the geeks out there – and in here! (for details, take a look at Den of Geek’s article HERE). There was also some humorous scripting along the way – mostly one-liners – that made me smile a lot.

Oh, and I think the manufacturers of Sonic Screwdrivers will be shedding a tear in this episode, as I can confirm that the Doctor has moved on - to ‘wearable technology’!

I’m really enjoying the series so far; the acting has been spot-on and the stories are much better scripted than many of the episodes in series 8.