Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Smart Nephews

Clearly when they were giving out the brain cells, I opted for the express queue, labelled ‘five or less’. Luckily our nephews demonstrated sound judgment, by taking advantage of a BOGOF, and doubled theirs!

Seriously though, what a bright generation they’re becoming.

Alfie James Palmer. Currently at City University, but lucky enough to have secured (and just completed) a year as an Industrial Placement with the mighty McDonalds as a Technical Analyst.

Frankie Stephen Palmer. Having just completed 13 (yes, 13!) GCSEs, Frankie’s been invited back to ICL Summer School for the second year. It makes my 8 Os look rather pathetic by comparison! Frankie seems to have harnessed the twin talents of being exceptional at both Piano and Maths. Although I can’t vouch for his Maths, this talent does run in the family - even I’ve got that gene! - I’ve heard him play the piano, and he is nothing short of superb!!
Oliver James Gambles. Oliver has clearly picked-up the musical gene in the family, and at the annual end-of-term bash at his current school - Duncombe - he wowed the audience with his command of the flute. Flute? FLUTE? In my day, it was violin, violin, violin, recorder, recorder or recorder! He was just superb - and at such a young age too! Sadly, no photographs here, because the school doesn’t like any pupil-pics on social media, so here’s one of his satchel!

I think it’s time we encouraged our cats to accept some career advice and not spend the day sleeping and eating!