Friday, June 19, 2015

Ireland and back – in less than a day!

With Ann currently ‘between professions’, we took advantage of the good weather and drove over to Bedford to meet Denise M for lunch.

Our pub/restaurant of choice was The Black Horse in Ireland, a village about a twenty-minute drive from Bedford. I haven’t been there since May 2011, and it hadn’t changed a bit. First-class food, first-class service combined with an imaginative menu.

Imaginative Menu

An alternative to Guinness - no, I didn't ask for ice! :)

Yummy Burger

Three spoons required!

Only one of us managed dessert, but at least that person requested three spoons! It was coffee to finish and then back to Denise’s for a further cuppa before heading for home. The final leg of the journey had an unusual twist to it, in that the burst water main from this morning, that flooded Warkton Lane was still being repaired. This meant a detour that added another 30 minutes to our journey. We got home at 5.50 – talk about a late lunch!!