Friday, June 12, 2015

5ive’s Indian Summer

‘5ive’ is the name we gave ourselves - a group of Trainers from ‘back in the day’ when we all did work for British Airways, and dinosaurs walked the Earth.

There were originally FIVE of us (hence the name), but now we are SEVEN (don’t ask!). We’ve kept in regular touch for over 10 years now, and tonight was our latest get-together in King’s Cross (after attempting to book our regularly-visited - ‘Humaira’ round the corner in Judd Street by phone, and not getting a reply - we think it’s closed permanently!). The restaurant of choice tonight was The Indian Lounge in King’s Cross.

Today, was apparently the hottest day of the year so far (and it certainly felt it!, as I made my way from St Pancras to King’s Cross). I met up with Angela briefly beforehand on the mezzanine at KX to sort out her laptop query, and we then made our way to the Restaurant. June and Carey were already there, and we literally bumped into Antoinette as we crossed the road. So, it was a good turn-out tonight, with five (of the seven) eager to catch up on each others’ news - and see the menu!

An Indian restaurant, literally opposite King’s Cross station didn’t exactly conjure up images of fine-dining - but the whole experience was very enjoyable, not just because of the company, but also the food choices. This place punched well above its weight in terms of variety and service, and it looks like we’ll be back again in the future.

It was great to catch-up with everyone, and we even got around to finalising our ‘weekend away’ to Liverpool in September.

Whoosh! As normal, we were out of time just as we were getting talking. The hottest day of the year had now deteriorated into something more familiar - torrential rain - and we all made out way to our respective departure points. I was back in Kettering by 10.25, and tucked-up by 10.45. It must be my age - I was shattered!!!

Roll on September!