Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter 2015

For us, Easter this year was about getting together with friends and family - and eating! After a mammoth shop in Thursday night (unfortunately, ASDA was out of mammoths!) and a follow-up on shop Friday morning, we were all set for the feeding of the five thousand (well, not quite, but it felt like it!!)

Good Friday

David and Valerie popped over for coffee in the morning and it was good to catch-up with all their news.

Trish's Pickled Onions

…and in the evening, Karen, Paul, Trish, John, Rosi, David, Julie and Tom dropped in for our Fish & Chip Supper. Trish’s pickled onions made their debut appearance (here anyway) - and the food went down a treat (as it always does). It’s been a while since we all got together as a group, and there was a lot to catch-up with. Hopefully, there will be plenty more opportunities later this year. now that the lighter evenings are here.

Easter Saturday
An early start as we headed off to Leicester to pick up my Ring and a few last minutes bits and pieces before Roger, Jane and Oliver join us later for the weekend.

I’ve never seen Leicester so quiet!

My 30th Anniversary Ring
My 30th Anniversary Ring - courtesy of Mr Tarratt 

Ann laid on antipasti for Saturday night followed by a ginormous cheese-board, that was about half the size of Northamptonshire!!!, and David and Valerie joined the rest of us for the feast. I also got a chance to test-drive my new Guinness Glass, that I’d picked up during our holiday in Dublin.

Testing my new Guinness Glass
Best Drink of the Day!

Ready for the Feast

Easter Sunday
Sunday, as expected, began with breakfast followed by a lazy morning (unless you were in the kitchen). I spent some time with Oliver, giving him a few lessons on his Android Tablet, whilst Ann and Lee took on lunch preparations. Denis and Bev joined us a little later, where Bev got an opportunity to show-off her new camera (see photographs later in this blog). Denis was looking fighting-fit after his stents, pacemaker and heart valve marathon from a few months back - he’s certainly got value-for-money from the NHS!!

Lunch arrived just after 1, where as always, Ann excelled herself, with a full three-courser, and a choice of starters.

20150405_130502_Tynan Close 
Spicy Prawns!

After lunch, it was all hands to the sink as we attempted to recover from the debris created by ‘lunch-for-eight’. An hour later, and a few capfuls of Fairy liquid lighter, it was all done. We spent a bit of time catching-up before Roger, Jane and Oliver said their goodbyes, followed by Denis and Bev.

Then, for what was left of the day was punctuated by an afternoon walk - I wasn’t too keen, but Ann convinced me it was a good move!
Sad smile

Then, all that was left was to put our feet-up and get prepared for watching the two highlights of the weekend’s TV - Poldark for Ann and Lee, and the new Thunderbirds are Go series for me!

Bev’s Photos

Easter Monday
I took Lee back just before 9, and once I was back home, Ann and I tackled one of the significant back-garden jobs - wiring the fences (not for electricity or sound, for plants!). Three hours later, it was ‘job done’ - just as the weather turned really warm! Phew! Steve, next door, tackled the damaged fences that had blown down a few days ago, and it was all looking pretty good - there’s a bit of touching-up needed with fence paint, but that’s the small contribution that I can make! 

Well, it’s been a really enjoyable Easter- great food, great friends, getting most of the family together and better-than-expected weather - plus a few jobs in the garden sorted! I’d call that very rewarding!!
Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile