Sunday, November 09, 2014

Film: Mr Turner

stars45  - for Timothy Spall
two star- for optimism

If you’re a fan of Painter, Turner’s life and work, or equally a fan of Timothy Spall, this is a good film to go and see. It’s a bit of both with us, so what’s not to like? You certainly have to give Timothy Spall credit for his acting in this - totally absorbing, and probably his most powerful role to date.

Trouble is, this film is bleak!!! On the ol’ bleakometer scale from 1-10, this would score 17! I certainly wouldn’t recommend it on a cold Sunday afternoon, in a quarter-full cinema (errr!) - The guy to our left didn’t help the mood much either, by snoring through most of it!!!

Oh, and it’s long too - at 150 minutes!

So be prepared to come out at the other end feeling a bit sadder than when you went in!