Thursday, May 02, 2013

Battle of the Titans

Battle of the Titans

Ok, those that know me well, know that I like my ‘tech’;  even more so, I like my mobile-phones.

So, here we are almost at the end of my current two-year contract with O2, looking at what’s out there to replace my now rather dated HTC Sensation.

I’ve never been an iPhone fan - they’re just too chunky for me - so the hunt has been on for information about the two current titans of the cellphone world - the HTC One and the Galaxy S4 (shown above). My good mate Ralph’s contract has also recently come to an end, and he’s plumped for the HTC. He’s equally knowledgeable about mobile-phone tech and I’m very tempted to follow suit.

Looking at all the chat on the ‘net, there’s plenty to be watched/read and listened to about both of these phones - the HTC seems to win on build quality, but the Samsung excels in innovation. I watched a really good side-by-side video HERE, where the HTC ONE err, won!

Spec-wise they’re both pretty similar - each could power the whole of Kettering for a week with their quad-core processors, and both seem to be following the trend of larger screens with drop-dead gorgeous imagery with high-end cameras. In truth, I could happily live with both of these phones, but there’s two MASSIVE differences between them, that I think, are going to be the deal-breaker for me!

Difference 1: The Samsung has expandable storage in the form of the now-familiar micro-SD card format, the HTC One doesn’t have any

Difference 2: Because of the (rather sexy) uni-body construction, you can’t change the battery in the HTC One

Each to their own, and everyone has different needs for their phone. I carry shed-loads of stuff on my phone (probably more than I really need, including a humungous music collection) - and I don’t like the idea of all of my data being on the phone rather than on a removable storage card. Second, the battery on my current HTC Sensation barely lasts a day before it needs a charge - and it’s smarter to carry a spare battery than a charger (especially if there’s nowhere to plug in!). I really can’t get comfortable with the idea that when the battery is dead, and there’s nowhere to plug in, I can’t use my phone - iPhone users, how do you manage this? - I’ve heard the battery’s c*** on those too!

So with just 27 days to go before I upgrade, it’s looking like the Samsung might be the phone for me!