Friday, April 05, 2013

Rothwell 2 Turkey 0

I don’t go to Rothwell that often - it’s only normally to eat with friends. Strange then, that somehow I managed to eat there twice in the same day!

My first trip was with David at lunchtime. Now that we’re ‘gentlemen of leisure’, we decided to do lunch at The Old Bakehouse. The food and service was excellent and on leaving, we spotted a strange unfamiliar yellow circular thing in the sky! It turned out to be the best day so far this year weather-wise. Perhaps it’s time to blow the dust off the BBQ!!!

My second trip was when we met up with Paul and Sue in the evening - to visit the opening night of The Old Bank. It’s now been transformed into a Turkish Restaurant - and WOW! what a transformation! They had obviously spent gazillions on the refurb. Split level dining, sexy lighting, professional staff uniforms and some of the most luxurious seats, my bum has ever been caressed in! It all looked good as we were ushered to our seats, presented with the menus and the wine list.

I'm not sure, so maybe it was opening night wobbles, or something more serious, but from that point onwards, the whole experience spiralled southwards into a car-crash of an evening. Within 30 minutes, the table to our left, quickly followed by the table to our right, got up and walked out!

- and so did the guests! Smile

We persevered, and after an hour, our starters finally arrived. Mains arrived two hours after we first sat down - and the bizarre thing was, they weren’t that busy. The most disappointing aspect was that none of the staff felt it necessary to keep us informed, as the chaos escalated from causing a mild irritation to ultimately, complete frustration - and some fundamental training would have helped too! (Clearing tables, and knowing the menu were just two examples of where the staff struggled).

I really hope they pull things round. It's got plenty of potential, but there’s a part of me that feels that they should have provided more experienced staff - especially on opening night!

VERY disappointed!!!!