Sunday, February 17, 2013

Food - Fit for a Queen

We drove up to Belton today to meet up with Ralph and Karen - The Queen’s Head was our destination, as it’s about half-way between theirs and ours - the food’s pretty good too!
Pub - The Queens Head

We’d been advised by the restaurant to get there in good time as there was a large party arriving just before 1pm - and we’d all be sharing the same carvery! The food and service lived up to expectations with generous portions of the Sunday Roast, although the dessert selection was a little light on choice.

Starters - Veg Soup

Mains - Roast Beef for me (out of focus due to the Guinness!)

Banoffee Tart with Sweet Popcorn

By 2.15 we were all stuffed! Before we said our good-byes we did the regular swapping of various tech and magazines before heading home!

It was good to catch-up - seems like ages!