Sunday, January 06, 2013

Mains, Greens and Automobiles

joined us today. We started off by doing nothing much at all, just chilling-out before staying local and looking for a possible replacement car for Ann. Nothing wrong with the Fiesta, but as we’ll be down to just one car from next week – and for the foreseeable future – we wanted to try and find something larger and a bit more in keeping with Ann’s new job status.

First stop was Chariot Autos in town and then the VW dealer next door. It gave us a few good ideas about makes and models, but nothing really grabbed our attention.

After an hour or so, with our tummies were rumbling, it was off to the rather splendid Shuckburgh Arms near Oundle for lunch. The food was excellent (as it always is!) We resisted the temptation of a starter and headed straight for the mains - home-made pie, ultra creamy mash and greens, leaving just enough room for a dessert and coffee.

Almost two hours later, totally stuffed, we headed off in the direction of Northampton to have a look at the one of their large car supermarkets - we thought this would be a more effective way of seeing lots of different makes side-by-side. Initially, we thought of the one along the A45, but time was getting on, we headed for Croyland Cars near Rushden instead. It was a good decision as there was plenty to look at hundreds - BMWs, Audis and Mercedes and well as lots of the more standard marques. After a thorough walk round the car-lot, we spotted a rather good looking grey Mercedes C220 Coupe (Auto Diesel) tucked in the corner. It was only three years old and in immaculate condition. Maybe, maybe not...

to be continued...