Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cats and Abs

A relatively quiet Saturday for us! Just the cats to take over to Patsy’s for their normal six-weekly wash-n-brush-up.
one star
So it was a good time to catch-up with the stack of blu-rays that have been gathering dust here in the past few months. A random pick revealed Safe starring Jason Statham. We both like Jason for different reasons, so we were looking forward to this blu-ray: Ann - for ‘The Stath’s’ washboard abs; and me: the slick fight choreography, car chases and general stunt work.

What a disappointment - on all counts! These sort of films are never blessed with the most complex of plots, but this one was soooo thin, even wafers were obese by comparison! No washboard abs either (a major disappointment for one of us!). What’s more, the fight scenes -  although fast and furious - were ho-hum predictable and repetitive (a real surprise for JS’s movies). Add to that, a total over-use of shoot-outs partnered with most of the actors acting as if they were on auto-pilot!

A real shame!